How do I pick a bank account?

What types of questions should I ask to make sure that I choose the right bank account?

There seems to be a dizzying amount of banks, bank accounts and special promotions available.  How do I pick?

You need to focus in on the specifics that actually matter to you.  Below is a nice list of questions that may not be comprehensive, but will lead you in the right direction in making your choice.

Is there a specific account for students / young people / lower income earners?

If I am considering a Credit Union, is it NCUA insured?

What is the monthly fee for having an account? (hopefully $0 if a minimum balance is met)

What is the minimum balance requirement? (aim for $25 or less)

Is there an ATM card?

Is there a fee to use other banks’ ATM machines?

Is their ATM machine near me?

Can I get a debit card with my account?

Can I link an account with my parents’ account so they pay any fees/maintain a minimum balance?

Are there overdraft fees?  What are the overdraft policies?

Do I get free checks with the account?  How many & how often?  If not, how much do they cost?

Where is a branch nearby?