We believe that a fundamental and impartial education in personal finance should be available to everyone.

Working towards this goal, we teach basic, unbiased financial literacy to youth and other under-served populations. 

Our programs are simple, entertaining and free of judgment and motive, so the fundamentals of financial literacy can be understood, retained and applied by all.

What Makes Us Different?

Many financial literacy programs just provide information.  Our curriculum focuses on being mindful, establishing good habits and putting systems in place. 

Many programs teach things that are not relevant to our clients.  We have modified this curriculum after every class for years, adding and removing content to ensure we are addressing the needs of the demographics we serve.

We are about changing and establishing behaviors - we expect our students to leave every one of our classes not just better informed, but completely prepared to implement change. 

We are a 501c3 certified nonprofit with a mission to teach what is in the best interest of our clients.  We don't offer banking services of any kind and have no ulterior motives. We only make money from impartial grants and straight-forward pricing.  We value our independence and the resulting ability to provide honest and impartial life-skills.