The Experience


"this program changed my life"

- NYC Dept. of Social Services; Back to Work Program (Student)


"I never thought this would actually be fun!"

- Long Island Cares (Student)

"it was a wonderful experience all the way around"

- Federation Employment & Guidance Services (Staff)

"great class!"

- LIU Post (Student)

"The children were engaged and excited to learn about different ways in which basic economics and thoughtful decision making shapes their day to day lives."

- Weber Middle School (Classroom Teacher)

"a wonderful event! ...our volunteers...really felt like they made a difference. Even though the information may not create an overnight change in the client's life, volunteers know they've helped put them on the right path."

- Mizuho Bank (Staff)

"I received nothing but praise for the workshop.  They all spoke about how much they learned and that it was helpful."

- Long Island Cares (Staff)

"I’m so happy we were able to pull off such a great event...our residents loved the financial coaching...I wanted to reach out and let you know how much we...appreciate the great time and effort you put into making yesterday such a huge success."

- Henry Street Settlement (Staff)

"They were taking pictures on the way in!  They were so excited, And This one-on-one discussion with the volunteers is such a great way for them to practice their interview skills.  Its so much more than the financial literacy education."

- Federation Employment & Guidance Services (Staff)

"This was the most meaningful thing I've done all year"

- Mizuho Bank (Mentor)

"I thought this would be more math.  It's a lot of common sense - Things I really hadn't thought much about before, it's good!"

- Kenmare High school (Student)

"I feel amazing, I learned so much about what it's really like out there and I know I've made a real difference"

- Goldman Sachs (Mentor)

"they need this type of education. It's invaluable"

- Kenmare High school (Staff)