How do I pick a credit card?

Below is a little cheat sheet to help answer this very frequently asked question.  There is no advice given here, just a list of questions to ask, so you know what you’re getting.

What type of card do I want? Do I want a Standard/Traditional Card, a Premium Card, an Affinity Card, a Retail Card, a Secured Card or a Charge Card?

What would my credit limit be? When can that limit be raised and to how much?

What is the APR? What is the rate for purchases? What is the rate for balance transfers? What is the APR if I miss one bill payment? What is it if I miss two?

Is the APR fixed or variable?

Is there an Introductory APR? Does it apply to my entire balance or just to balance transfers, or new purchases? How long does it last?

What Fees might I be subject to?

Annual or membership fee

Cash advance fee

Balance transfer fee

Late payment fee

Over-the-credit limit fee

Credit limit increase fee

Finance charge