Workshop Overview

Our program transforms people from the business world into mentors, and teens or clients of nonprofits into students for a 3 hour on-site workshop on the basics of personal finance. The curriculum includes lessons on budgeting and expense tracking, financial goal setting, consumer behavior, credit, interest, inflation, saving, taxes and student loans. This workshop aims to be informative and rewarding for both students and mentors. The combination of the low student to mentor ratio and the personal nature of the information discussed can foster an intimate connection not often experienced by people from such vastly different walks of life.

How It Works


The Financial Literacy Education Project Provides:

  • A connection between a company with employees looking to be mentors, and a school/nonprofit with students who want to learn
  • Coordination of schedule and logistics between both parties
  • A brief training for mentors before the event
  • Facilitation of a 4 hour financial literacy workshop
  • Volunteer and client workbooks


The Business Provides:

  • Lunch or snacks and beverages for everyone
  • A conference room
  • A program fee of $2,500
  • The mentors and enthusiasm!

The School / Nonprofit provides:

  • Students who will dress for success and commit to attending the event with a can-do attitude
  • Transportation arrangements to and from the event for all students
  • A list of all potential students and staff 24 hours before the event
  • A staff member to accompany students who are ready to learn and have fun!