Traditional Classes

What are our classes like?

We want the experience to be fun.  We are passionate about financial literacy, but we know that's not the way most people feel.  We provide this information and these life-skills with a spoonful of sugar.  Our classes contain no judgement and no assumptions - just a lot of common sense, laughs and honesty.


Each interactive unit runs about 1 hour and consists of lecture, active participation and written exercises. The classes are held on-site at the client’s facility/school.



Middle School

Planting Pennies is a one unit program applicable to middle-schoolers.  It focuses entirely on spending habits, marketing, advertising and learning to be a wise consumer.


Adults & Teens

This five unit class covers budgeting, expense tracking, billing cycles, spending habits, marketing/advertising tricks, interest, inflation, saving, net worth,  establishing/checking/repairing credit, student loans, the abc's of taxes and more. 


1 unit class = $300

2 unit class (back to back) = $500

All 4 units = $1,000

Middle School Planting Pennies class = $250

*grant funding may be available