The Experience


"this program changed my life"

- NYC Dept. of Social Services; Back to Work Program (Student)


"I never thought this would actually be fun!"

- Long Island Cares (Student)

"it was a wonderful experience all the way around"

- Federation Employment & Guidance Services (Staff)

"great Professor and class!"

- LIU Post (Student)

"enthusiastically delivered a real-life lesson. The children were engaged and excited to learn about different ways in which basic economics and thoughtful decision making shapes their day to day lives."

- Weber Middle School (Classroom Teacher)

"a wonderful event! After you left, our volunteers were still gushing about the event.  They really felt like they made a difference. Even though the information may not create an overnight change in the client's life, volunteers know they've helped put them on the right path."

- Mizuho Bank (Staff)

"I received nothing but praise for the workshop.  They all spoke about how much they learned and that it was helpful."

- Long Island Cares (Staff)

"I’m so happy we were able to pull off such a great event...our residents loved the visit and financial coaching...I wanted to reach out and let you know how much we...appreciate the great time and effort you put into making yesterday such a huge success."

- Henry Street Settlement (Staff)

"They were taking pictures on the way in!  They were so excited, And This one-on-one discussion with the volunteers is such a great way for them to practice their interview skills.  Its so much more than the financial literacy education."

- Federation Employment & Guidance Services (Staff)

"This was the most meaningful thing I've done all year"

- Mizuho Bank (Mentor)

"I thought this would be more math.  It's a lot of common sense - Things I really hadn't thought much about before, it's good!"

- Kenmare High school (Student)

"I feel amazing, I learned so much about what it's really like out there and I know I've made a real difference"

- Goldman Sachs (Mentor)

"they need this type of education. It's invaluable"

- Kenmare High school (Staff)